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Botanicals & Essential oils

Essential Oils – Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic essences obtained from plant leaves, flowers, bark and roots. Harvesting essential oils can be labour-intensive; for example with thousands of flowers to obtain one ounce of essential oil adding to the cost. Essential oil properties are based scientifically as well as within our own sense experiences.… Read More »

Mud & Milk

Dead Sea Mud – The Dead Sea is known as one of the world’s natural health spas, due to the high mineral content of its rich black mud, sea salts and the reputed healing properties of its highly saline seas. Black mud from the Dead Sea is rich in skin nourishing minerals and electrolytes; unlike… Read More »

Additional oils, butters & waxes

Cocoa butter – This natural, unrefined butter is obtained from the cocoa bean and has a rich chocolate scent. Cocoa butter is considered beneficial as a soothing emollient and moisturizer for rough, dry skin. Jasmine Sambac Wax – This luxurious creamy wax is obtained from the jasmine petals after the process of extracting the jasmine… Read More »

How to care for natural soap

To care for your natural soap, place it in a dish or caddy that drains water and stand the soap upright, as shown below. The soap can even be flipped upside down for drying. The more surface area exposed to dry in between uses, the longer the soap will last. Natural soap retains glycerin, a… Read More »

Handcrafted Soap

I’ve chosen the “hot process” method of soap-making: indirect heat. You can make and use your soap the same day. However, for a quality bar of soap, a drying period is necessary. I’ve also chosen to use only natural and organic products, like herbs, grains, spices and florals. I do not use any artificial colourants,… Read More »