Handcrafted Soap

By | February 16, 2021

I’ve chosen the “hot process” method of soap-making: indirect heat. You can make and use your soap the same day. However, for a quality bar of soap, a drying period is necessary.

I’ve also chosen to use only natural and organic products, like herbs, grains, spices and florals.

I do not use any artificial colourants, preservatives or dyes. Because I use only dyes that nature provides, the colour can vary from batch to batch. Each batch is small, hand-made and hand-cut.

The soaps are super-fatted, which means a percentage of the oils are left suspended in the soaps, not saponified by the lye. This provides added moisturizing to the soap, along with the natural glycerin, which is released during the soap-making process.

To understand saponification, or the making of soap, is to understand some basic chemistry. The process of making soap brings three ingredients together: the base is the lye, the acid the oil or fat, and the distilled water the neutral solvent.

Saponification takes place through this chemical reaction and the result is soap. Soap is also a salt, which is the result of the lye neutralizing the acid or oils.

When saponification is complete there is no active lye left in the product! Soap cannot be made without lye. If you don’t have lye, you don’t have soap!

I make and sell a truly natural soap: no artificial colorants, preservatives, dyes or fragrance oils. I use only essential oils, never synthetic fragrance oils.

I am committed to keeping my products natural.

Mother Earth provides an abundance of natural gifts. As consumers we have opportunities to choose natural or less harmful products, choose to bless “Mother Earth” by helping her to heal and extend the blessing to all life on earth.

I thank each of you who’ve chosen to purchase a natural soap product!