Botanicals & Essential oils

By | February 20, 2021

Essential Oils – Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic essences obtained from plant leaves, flowers, bark and roots. Harvesting essential oils can be labour-intensive; for example with thousands of flowers to obtain one ounce of essential oil adding to the cost. Essential oil properties are based scientifically as well as within our own sense experiences. Aroma is a very powerful memory and awakening within our senses.

Botanicals – Botanicals consist of plants or parts of plants such as roots, bark, flowers and seeds, which add colour, aroma, exfoliation and texture to soaps. Soaps By Selina uses only colourants nature provides so the colour can vary from batch to batch.

Other Ingredients

I use a variety of botanicals such as herbs, spices, flowers and grains in my soaps. Adding these natural ingredients can create interesting texture and colour. Some add to the effectiveness of the soap, like oatmeal, which is soothing to dry, irritated skin and gently exfoliates. Some herbs I use have added healing properties. Because I use only ingredients that nature provides, the colour can vary from batch to batch.