Cleaning After Raccoons in Our Attic – How To Get Them Out

By | April 6, 2016

As we know raccoons are very lousy animals and cause a lot of troubles and damage your property and belongings. I always see news about these night bandits in my local newspaper, but couldn’t image that something similar can happen to me. So, my home got invaded my a raccoon family, we don’t know how long they resided in my attic and a technician from wildlife control service we hired said that they might have been living there for a few months. Getting rid of raccoons is half the battle when it comes to eliminating nuisance odour after them. After we had raccoons in our attic look at this is the mess they left behind…

raccoon feces removal

raccoon droppings in attic

…and thankfully we contacted raccoon control and they got rid of the problem etc. The guys used special soaps and deodorizers to clean up the attic after raccoons have been in there.

So, Why Use Deodorizers?

Many people always focus of eliminating raccoon and give little attention to using deodorizers thereafter. You however are advised to not skip this step as it comes with the following benefits:

– Locks in Odor: Getting rid of the unpleasant smell left by urine, feces, dander or sweat from the creature isn’t easy. Some smells will become stronger as the temperature changes and this means that at one point you will smell the odor and in the next moment there is nothing. Good deodorizers help lock in the odor stopping it from rising or diffusing into the atmosphere.

– Kill Stains: Many users relate deodorizers with smell/scent. But, did you know that quality types also help in eradicating stains left behind by raccoon feces, sweat, body oils, saliva and urine? In so doing, you are assured of the stain not spreading or damaging the surfaces and will become less-noticeable over time.

– Create Unpleasant Environment: While the deodorant may smell nice to human beings, it is usually very unpleasant to the raccoon. They will always try and avoid the repulsive smell and this means no creature(s) in the surrounding. Top service providers use user-friendly and eco-friendly scents that are safe for humans, pets and the environment as well.

– Stop other nuisances: Other pests and animals are attracted to raccoon droppings, urine, oils, or the scent left behind. Bacteria like Leptospirosis or Salmonella also thrive in areas previously or currently occupied by raccoon. A good deodorizer will create an environment that is unfriendly to the vices.

The whole process was handled professionally and the guys from raccoon control did a great job removing the raccoons. At the same time the removal cost was not as high we expected. You can visit their site for more information. We highly recommend them.